Free Easter egg Printables

Hey all you wonderful people out there!

I am SO excited that more and more people are pinning my Pokemon Printable and I felt that I just have to make another printable like it. So here's a free Easter Egg Printable for you if  you're egged up about painting eggs for this coming Easter!

Step 1: Download the "Easter Egg 1" A4 PDF file and print onto stock card.

Step 2: Cut out the pieces. 
Let's start with the cover and the pocket.
Cut a centimeter apart within each flap.

Fold the flaps inwards. 

Step 3: Let's move onto making the pocket.
Take the pocket and one of the egg pieces labeled 'front'.
Align them according to the marking on the egg piece.

Put the glue on the insides of the pocket flaps,

Stick the flaps, one by one, onto the egg piece. 

Take the 'back' piece of the egg and stick it onto the back to cover up those flaps.

Step 4: Now for the cover,
Put glue on the outer side of the cover flaps. 

Stick both the cover pieces together.

And you're done!

Download the Easter Eggs Printables.
All printables are A4 sized and in PDF format.

I hope you enjoy this printable.
Happy Easter & Merry Printing!

Do you like this piece?
Do leave a comment below.
I'll love to hear from you.


  1. I love these.. printing them out for my son.. he saw them and said "all you need to do now is make some badges lol"

  2. I'm glad you both are enjoying them! Badges, eh? Why didn't I think of that?! Thank you both for the suggestion. I will definitely consider making them in my next printable project.


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