Star Wars Printables

Relive the good old 1977 Star Wars with these printables. Which side will you choose?

The crafts are very easy to make. It takes about 15-20 minutes to make for each printbale. Both printables are in A4 size, so be sure to have your printer paper setting prepared prior to printing. I used KAMI's Multipurpose paper 160gsm for my Death Star and Millennium Falcon. Easy to find from local bookstores or stationary stores. 200gsm might be too thick for the younger kids to be able to cut properly. 

Death Star

Step 1: Cut out A and B.

Step 2: Fold along the flaps. Apply glue on the outer side of the flaps.

Step 3: Stick B onto A. Things might get a little messy here.

Step 4: Cut out C and D.

Step 5: Stick them together like so.

Step 6: Finally cut out E and stick that onto the back.

And you're done!


Millenium Falcon

Step 1: Cut out these 2 pieces.

Step 2: To stick them together, you will need to apply glue on the pointy parts of the Millennium Falcon. Forgive me for I really do not know how else to explain this bit. Use table lamps or sunlight to help you with this part.

Step 3: Apply glue on the flaps. Stick them both together.

Step 4: For the other 2 pieces, you will need to apply glue on the outer flaps. Make sure the colored side faces away from the glue-d flaps. If the top part doesn't fit, just trim the bottom part of the Millennium Falcon. 

And you're done!


Finally, what's Star Wars without their crew?

So now, the question remains.
Which side will you choose?

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