Pokemon Printable

Let the kids be the very best Pokemon Master
with this Pokemon/Pokeball Printable!
Fairly simple craft, just
download the pokeball PDF here.
It's A4 size, PDF file so prepare your printer paper setting to A4 size if needed.

Step 1: Cut out the pokeball parts.

Step 2: Let's start off with the cover of the pokeball.
Take part A and fold the flaps inwards (towards the white piece behind).

Step 3: Put glue on the outer side of the flaps.

Step 4: Stick part B onto part A.
This step has to be done carefully and slowly.

We're done with the cover.
Now it's time to make the insides and the bottom part of the pokeball.

Step 5: Cut out part C and fold the flaps inwards (towards the white side)

Step 6: Put glue on the inside of the flaps
(the ones facing inwards towards the blank part).
Place and align part D onto C.
Stick the flaps of part C so that it's like it's holding onto part D.
You're done with the bottom pocket!

Step 7: Stick the last part E onto the back to give the printable some gradient-like orb
(and also to cover the flaps).

And you're done!
Oh, and one last thing, should the cover not able to cover over the pocket,
try trimming the sides of the bottom pocket a little.

I did this piece with matte paper. Not the best kind of paper.
Normal paper works fine.
Use glossy paper to give the pokeball an extra shine!

 Download the pokemon set 1 here.
Download pokemon set 2 here.
Download pokemon set 3 here (added 14/9/2014)
Download pokemon set 4 here (added 14/9/2014)
Download pokemon set 5 here (added 14/9/2014)
Download pokemon set 6 here (added 14/9/2014)
Download pokemon set 7 here (added 14/9/2014)

~ ~*NEW*~ ~
Download the original 150 pokemons set 8 here (added 9/8/2016)
Download the 2nd generation pokemons set 9 here (added 15/9/2016)

Note to all downloaders (added 18/10/2016)
I've been receiving a number of emails and comments about not being able to download the printables. It has happened to many people already so first off, DON'T PANIC! :D

I would suggest to try downloading the printable(s) at a later time or the next day. If the problem still persists, do shoot me an email and I will send you a copy of it while troubleshooting the link problem.

Thank you all for your emails and comments. I'm really very happy and humbled by all of your touching messages. From parents to teachers, your words made me feel that I've completed my personal mission in making this world a happier place.

Just for the zing of it, print the Pokemons on sticker paper.
Cut them out. Hide them all over your house
and let the kids catch them pokemons!

Have fun with your Pokemon battle, kids!

Want more fun? How about some Pokemon Gym Badges and Cases?
Get them here!

Do you like them? Love them? Hate them?
Do leave a comment below.
I'll love to hear from you.


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