Disney-inspired Princess Vectors

Hi, everyone!
I've made 3 Princesses Vectors for my vectorstock.
(Will add some more soon) and I only realized
that my princesses were very much Disney-inspired
after uploading them up into the gallery.

There's one who is like Charlotte La Bouff.
I have no idea how this one came about.
The Princess Frog certainly wasn't in my 'Favourite Disney Movie' list.
The only memory I have of Charlotte was the scene where she
prayed really, really hard...and the part
where she would do the right thing to help her
girlfriend get the guy.

Then there's one that is Ariel-inspired.
One of my favourite Disney princesses.
I am seriously in LOVE with her red fiery hair.
It goes well with her green teal-like colored tail too! 

And finally, something oriental like Mulan.
Just because she's Chinese
like me.

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