Christmas 2016 Coloring Page Printables

Color yourself merry with these two coloring page printables!

Download "Merry Christmas" & Christmas Ornaments
(PDF, A4 size)
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In the meantime, Merry Printing!

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Coloring Page Printables for Adults

It's been a while since I last posted a coloring page printable.
Here's one I made for the adults.
by ileeprints
I've always have a special interest in drawing female characters.
Madeleine was initially a part of my upcoming coloring book but I decided to
share this piece with the world instead.

By the way, if you're interested, I have put up 3 female characters up for purchase on my ETSY.

Each of these artwork took apporimately 3 to 4 hours to finish.

Madeleine took about 4 hours to finish
only because I wanted to add in lots of doodle details in her.
It was after Madeleine that I realized that I REALLY, REALLY like doodling.
Download "Madeleine" Here for free!

For personal use only, be it for art print for
decorative purposes or coloring purposes.
I'd appreciate it if no one tries to claim my work as theirs
cause that would make me very, very sad.
Plus it's not nice stealing other people's work.

If you would like to share the printables and/or images here with your friends,
a link back to Merry Printables would be splendid. 

To keep up with some of the works I do
and some of the freebies I'll be giving out in the future,
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In the meantime, Merry Printing!

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