5 places to have fun with the kids around KL

The first semester school break is just around the corner and it's the full 14-days holiday! If you happen to be in KL or heading to KL for the coming holidays, then here are some of the hotspots around KL worth taking your kids to. Don't worry, I hear adults have lots of fun there too. ;)
In no particular order, my favourite spots are...

1) Perdana Botanical Garden / Lake Gardens, KL

A perfect place for the children to have a run around and unwind. The garden is huge and honestly, I have not finished visiting every place in the garden yet. There's a deer display deer farm which is not so much of a grand show unless you're interested to show the kids about how small and round their poo-poos are. It's also a great place for photographers. In fact, you will see a few pre-wedding & family photo-taking sessions there. The only downside here is finding parking spots so don't be surprised with all the cars parked "illegally".

Things to do there:
Run around the park like crazy or do any other kind of sport like cycling, roller blading or skate boarding. You can also rent bicycles there. Take a ride on the tram. Sit and relax by the lake. Feed the fish so remember to bring some bread. It serves as a nice place for a picnic too if you're into that.

2) Kidzania, Petaling Jaya

Bring the kids there for some job hopping fun! This place is great for the kids to learn about the working world. It even has its own bank and money currency which will be given to you when you purchase your tickets at the ticket counter. It's one of the few places where schools will bring their students to go to. You can always check with Kidzania if there'll be any big groups of school children on any particular day. Queues can get quite long during the school holidays so it's best to go early. There are a few cafes inside albeit expensive. Be sure to join the fire department if your kids love the fire engine. The downside is there's so many kids in there during the school holidays. Oh and also certain areas are only opened to kids at a certain age like the Vitagen and Cadbury factories but don't worry, there are a few spots that are perfect for young toddlers.

Be sure to check out their website or facebook for offers and promotions.

3) Farm in the City, Seri Kembangan

In all honesty, I've never been to the National Zoo but I'm quite content with this petting zoo. In fact, I've been there 3 times already and I'm still planning to bring my kids there again since the place is still expanding. The best part is that it has free parking. The place can get very warm so bring plenty of water and make sure to wear a hat or a cap. This place is also one of the few hotspots where schools will bring their students to go to. It's just perfect to bring young toddlers and babies as this space is smaller but has enough things for children to explore. If you're into fishes you can try scooping them up from the small river near where all the 'longkang' (gutter) fishes swim in. It's a way of reliving the old times where kampung kids get their own free fish pet. They can also feed the fishes in a nearby pond. You don't need to bring any fish feeds as they will be prepared beforehand. If you're lucky, the swans will waddle by for some feeds. There's a pony for your kids to ride on but at a cost.

Other animals you'll see in there includes porcupine, racoons, mousedeers, meerkats, reptiles like gila monster and snakes and many, many more. 

What I hope they'll expand is their cafe as it can get quite crowded in there. Be sure to check their facebook page for family packages and other promotions.

4) Aquaria, KLCC, KL

KL's world-class aquarium, this place is great for kids to learn about marine animals and the water ecosystem. I've been there 3 times already and my kids never get bored from seeing the fishes swim by above their heads in the tube. It can be quite tiring for the young toddlers as there not many seats in there for resting and it can get quite crowded inside during the holidays. Groupon offers their tickets quite often so be sure to check there first.

5) & finally Sunway Lagoon, Subang Jaya
It's a water park, enough said. Sorry, I didn't have any pictures about this place since I was so busy having fun in there.

Now here's a few tips for you if it's your first time heading there. Honestly, I wish someone would have told me earlier. 

You'll be given a wrist tag after paying for the tickets which then acts as a cashless paying system for the park. There're a few cash reloading kiosks in the park but the closest will be the one behind the ticket counter. Don't worry about putting in too much money in your tag, you can get it back from the ticket counter when you're leaving the park.

You can't bring any food or drinks in there. Your bags will be inspected at the entrance and you will be asked to keep them in a locker (at a cost) near the restroom so be sure to hide your food well if you're going to sneak some inside. There're a few cafes inside so don't worry about starving, just bring enough cash. 

Sunway Lagoon doesn't give promotions on school holidays and weekends. So if you're fine with letting your kids skip school a day then I say go for it but be sure to read the terms and conditions first on their website

I hope this review has given you some ideas about your holiday plans in KL. There are still some other places worth visiting but those will have to come later in another post. If you have any other tips worth sharing about these 5 places, do leave a comment below. I'm pretty sure everyone will appreciate them. Till then here's wishing you and family a "Happy Holidays"!

This list is solely based on my preference and acts as for suggestion purposes only. I am in no way affiliated to them nor receiving any incentives for these reviews.

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