Christmas printable gift tags 2014

Last minute Christmas gifts tags! Get your last minute gift tags here!

My kids are having a Christmas party at their friend's place and everyone is required to bring one Christmas gift (ranging from RM5 - RM8). Some other kids are going to get my Christmas gifts and my kids are going to get someone else's.

Yesterday, I got some standard stationaries from a local book shop and I'm thinking the kids are going to love this! It was until I got home and was about to go to bed when it hit me. I forgot to buy wrapping papers.

Urgh! What's the fun in giving presents if you're not going to torture them by hiding the gifts behind a piece of paper and making them all excited and frustrated as to what's inside?!

So here's what I did with my Christmas presents. I had some mahjong papers lying around so I thought Hey! Why not?

I pull out a piece of mahjong paper and cut them into small squares big enough to wrap the Christmas gifts. I wanted to try this so-called new wrapping hack that is (or was) going viral on youtube. I managed to make a little pocket out of the wrapping and I thought Hmm, what a nice little pocket to put a gift tag in! But seeing how it was looking so empty, I tried to bring some life into the gift tag by adding a short dialogue for the little fella. It still looks a little empty so I whipped out my lace ribbon and added it to the wrapping.

Now onto the next one. For this, I made sure the wrapping size is just right as I didn't want to have the same kind of presentation. This one, I made it more traditional with ribbons going around the gift and finally I stuck the Snowman on top of it. It probably isn't as nice as the Rudolph's but at least the kid is going to have a Snowman.

So whether you're planning to slip the little fellas into pockets or stick them on top of the gift, they'll be sure to give a good first impression!

It's in A4 size & in PDF format.

Do you like them?

Love them? Hate them?

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I'll love to hear from you. 

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