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Yes. A clean house IS a happy house indeed! Often times, I would try to find time to clean, re-organize, re-decorate or shift things around my house. Pinterest has LOTS of decor ideas and I use a lot of the tips, tricks and ideas there but sometimes the ideas are a little too overwhelming. So I made a very simple planner to help me with my plannings and I am sharing them with you!

How to use the home cleaning planner:

Repeat the mantra: A clean house is a happy house to keep you motivated. Top left box is the area you are aiming to clean or redecorate. For the top right box you can either write the day you plan to start your cleaning or you can put a due date. The rest are pretty self-explanatory. I hope you do notice that the middle column lines are lighter than the ones on the sides. I planned it that way so you can either opt to write down your ideas or DRAW/draft your ideas.

Download the better PDF version (A4 sized):

Have fun using and planning your home cleaning project!

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