Free Simple and Sweet Weekly Planner Printables

Hello everyone!
I've designed a set of free
simple and sweet weekly planner printables
to help you plan ahead.

With these weekly planners, you can
use them to plan for your vacations or
use them to plan for your children's school holiday activities.
You can also use them to plan your home dinner
or maybe you can use them to make a
one week home spring-cleaning.

Download the weekly planners below
and print them as many as you like.
(A4, PDF file)

If you're planning to print on both sides,
please be sure to check the
orientation and direction of your print outs.

I designed these weekly planners to be
binded...? bounded(?)...uh...,
to be stuck together
by their sides.
You can opt to use a hole puncher and paper binders
you can opt to stick them by the sides using office glue.
Here's a video tutorial that might help you.

You can choose either to stop at miniute 4.24
or go that extra mile by adding a cover
using any colored art card of your choice.

I hope these planners will help you
save the week and and save you from
unwanted migraines and headaches.

Do you like them? Love them? Hate them?
Do leave a comment below.
I'll love to hear from you.

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